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Does Your Dog Need A Little Help In The Tooth And Gum Area?

For the past 11 years, Rio and Thor have happily been munching on Life's Abundance Gourmet Dental Treats. They know every morning they are going to get their dental treat and wait by the pantry. Rio always wants a second and Thor always waits until Rio is finished and then eats his slowly and makes Rio watch, drool and of course forget he just had one. Then they end their day with another dental treat. Rio and Thor are large dogs and their suggested feeding guideline for the Life's Abundance Gourmet Dental Treats would be up to 4 per day but since they also love our Grain Free Turkey & Berry Chewies and our Tasty Rewards Training Treats, they only get 2 dental treats each day.


The Life's Abundance Gourmet Dental Treats now comes in a convenient 9 ounce and 18 ounce bag with a zip top closure to keep them fresh. The gourmet dental treats are made in a USA bakery, are gluten free and contain no artificial preservatives or colors. They smell so good that you will want to eat them!

They have kept their teeth and gums looking great and the vet was very pleased with their dental health regimen (they also use this Foam Breath Freshener) and how good they look at 11 years old. 

We know your dog will love them just as much as ours do! Order your furbaby some Life's Abundance Gourmet Dental Treats today!


Life's Abundance Announces NEW Dental Products And Buffalo Chews For Dogs

We are so pleased to announce five brand new products are on sale now! In recognition of National Pet Dental Month, all of our dental products (including our super tasty Dental Treats For Dogs) are on sale through the month of February! Stock up now!!!

Buffalo Bully Sticks For Dogs (Four 9" Sticks)

Dogs love to chew, and our new Buffalo Bully Sticks are an all-natural way to satisfy this instinctive desire. Plus they'll help reduce tartar and maintain dental health, all at the same time. On Sale Now!





Buffalo Meat Strips For Dogs (3.5 Ounces)

All canines large and small crave savory treats, and our Buffalo Meat Strips will please any size pup. These meaty morsels are completely nourishing and oh so healthy. In fact, we predict that they will be a real crowd pleaser! Buy Now! 





Buffalo Lung Fillets For Dogs (8 Ounces)

Our Buffalo Lung Fillets may not sound appetizing to you, but we guarantee dogs will find them simply irresistible. These savory snacks provide pups with a rewarding and fulfilling chewing experience. Buy Now!

All of our wholesome buffalo chew treats are made from free-range, grass-fed buffalo. They are all-natural and contain no additives or preservatives. In addition, buffalo meat is a leaner alternative to beef and it is suitable for dogs with food sensitivities.


In recognition of National Pet Dental Month, we are offering special discounts on the dental health products for dogs below. This sale is for the month of February only, so order today!

Want A Dazzling White Smile In 12 Days? Teeth Whitening Comes With Its Risks

While some people are blessed with bright, white teeth, most people aren't that lucky.

Teeth-whitening products have become increasingly popular, and depending on the condition of your teeth and your budget, there are several options available if you'd like to go a few shades brighter. Between the coffee you can't get through the morning without and the occasional glass of wine you sip at dinner, it happens: Your pearly whites become less so. Much of what you eat and drink every day contributes to staining your teeth.

Fortunately, there are many safe teeth whitening products which could correct the problem. The downside is that they can also cause occasional side effects, such as tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, bluish enamel and uneven whiteness. Worse case scenario, the possibility of the whitening or bleaching chemicals seeping into a cracked tooth or cavity, could cause internal damage which could a root canal.

If there is pain and sensitivity after using the teeth whitening product, the American Dental Association advises that it could stop within a week or two after discontinuing the whitening treatment. For those who have dental fillings, crowns or other dental works -  if you have particularly dark stains - talk with your dentist concerning the appropriate treatment or product. Overdoing teeth whitening can put you at higher risk or dental dangers, therefore take heed of any discomforts that you might feel during the process.

  • Fast and Easy! Only 20 minutes a day! Get Stunning Results in the first 7-15 days!
  • Get the same professional strength product sold by dentists.
  • Choose from 22% or 35% carbamide peroxide and optimized ph formula for maximum teeth whitening performance.
  • No propylene glycol. Virtually all other brands have this potentially harmful ingredient. We use natural orange oil.
  • There are no animal byproducts used in our glycerin. We use only the very highest quality Kosher grade glycerin.
  • The absolute purest ingredients for a Teeth Whitening product on the market. No Additives and no fillers.!
  • Customer Testimonials:

    "My teeth before were a mess! In 14 days, the product enhanced my teeth by a 35% whitening and I am still doing it. Feels like they were polished and whitened by a dentist!"
    - Dori from Texas

    "Great product! All my friends ask me where I got my million dollar smile and I have to give you all the credit! This product works so well you get results on the first application. I love it!"
    - Justin from New York

    Gum Problems and Heart Disease Linked

    After conducting several researches, researchers have found that people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from heart disease as those without gum disease. Gum disease is most commonly caused by harmful bacteria that live in excess accumulation of a thin film of material on your exposed tooth surfaces called dental plaque. These nasty bacteria can affect the heart when they enter the blood stream, attaching to fatty plaques in the heart blood vessels and contributing to clot formation. Blood clots can obstruct normal blood flow and may lead to heart attacks. 

    Good oral hygiene that fights bacteria is the best prevention against gum disease and heart disease. You can help prevent gum disease and possibly heart disease by keeping the plaque and bacterial populations in your mouth low.

    If You Suffer from Gum Disease, Gingivitis, Bleeding Gums or Bad Breath than try OraMd. OraMD® is the first all natural, highly effective dental care product created for total teeth and gum health, as well as overall dental hygiene.Everyone is looking for the symptom, cure, and treatment for gum disease, gingivitis, bleeding gums and bad breath because no one wants to loose their teeth. OraMD® tackles the problems associated with periodontal disease, gingivitis and receding gums and is also an extremely effective chronic bad breath product. Because the ingredients are natural enemies of bacteria, OraMD® cleans your mouth and stops halitosis ( bad breath ) in it's tracks.