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How Do Our Modern Dog's Diets Differ From Wolves

Along with the majority of our customers and Field Reps, I consider companion animals as family members. I believe that their diets should be as healthy and delicious as our own, which is why I have dedicated my life to researching the best foods and products for our pet kids. Although there are significant differences in nutritional requirements and taste preferences between dogs and humans, new compelling research published this year suggests that canine diets, and subsequent genetic profiles, evolved in order to cohabitate with humans. Part of the ancient... Read more →

How To Survive Holiday Stress

For many people, the holidays are a stressful time of year. Unexpected guests dropping by, entertaining relatives, and finding the perfect gift on everyone’s list are all daunting tasks. To add even more to the holiday pressure, we must still deal with our day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. Talk about unwanted stress! Stress is the body’s normal form of defense. When faced with danger or discomfort, your body reacts in a ‘fight or flight’ mode as a form of protection. If your body is subjected to constant, repetitive and stressful situations,... Read more →

Your True Companion Pet Products Recalls True Raw Choice Bulk Dehydrated Natural Pet Treats (Canada)

Canada Dog Treat Recall: True Raw Choice Bulk Dehydrated Natural Pet Treats Product description This recall involves True Raw Choice dehydrated bulk: Product Name Lot Number Chicken Feet 214733 Duck Feet 228870 Duck Wings 213825 Chicken Breast 154339 Lamb Trachea 225215 Please note that Your True Companion Pet Products has confirmed that no remaining stock of the affected lots of chicken breast and lamb trachea were found at retail and the chicken feet, duck feet and duck wings have all been removed from the market place as of November 8,... Read more →

Joint Supplements For Your Dog Or Cat - Yes or No?

Is your dog or cat suffering from joint problems? Did you know that supplements are the best way to help? When you buy food that has "joint healing ingredients" there is no way to properly dispense the correct amount. For example, say Fido gets 1 cup of food each day that is fortified with Glucosamine, MSM, sea mussels and hyaluronic acid. How do you know that 1 cup of food equals the correct amount Fido should be getting? Also, what happens if Fido needs a little more because it's cold... Read more →

Safety Notice - Tainted Chinese Jerky Products

Nearly 600 pets have died and more than 3,600 have been sickened in an outbreak of illnesses tied to contaminated jerky treats made in China, federal animal health officials said in an October 22nd statement. The epidemic is so severe that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is turning to vets and pet parents across the nation for help. Bernadette Dunham, director of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine said, “This is one of the most elusive and mysterious outbreaks we’ve encountered.” Companion animals have exhibited symptoms within hours of... Read more →

Get the Facts! Raw Pet Food Diets can be Dangerous to You and Your Pet

This article came from the FDA website on In a recent two-year study, the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) screened over 1,000 samples of pet food for bacteria that can cause foodborne illnesses.1 (The illnesses are called “foodborne” because the bacteria are carried, or “borne,” in or on contaminated food.) The study showed that, compared to other types of pet food tested, raw pet food was more likely to be contaminated with disease-causing bacteria. The Pet Food Study Raw pet food was not included in the first year of... Read more →

FDA: Bailey’s Choice Expands Product Recall Of Dog Treats In Georgia

Bailey's Choice Dog Treats Recall Expands - From FDA Site Bailey’s Choice Expands Product Recall of Dog Treats in Georgia Contact Consumer: 770-881-0526 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 6, 2013 - Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black is alerting Georgians to the expanded recall of particular packages of Bailey’s Choice dog treats sold in Georgia. These products have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella and should be discarded. Bailey’s Choice Dog Treats, LLC, of Waleska, Ga., is expanding the recall to include additional five-ounce packages of dog treats, including: 100%... Read more →

Dog Chicken Jerky Recall - Baileys Choice

Posted on Bailey's Choice Facebook Fan Page: Bailey's Choice is issuing a voluntary recall of our chicken jerky treats that have two lot dates: June 5, 2013 and October 8, 2013. These two lots tested positive for salmonella. We have had no reports of anyone or any pet becoming sick. These treats will not harm your dog, dogs digestive systems are designed for eating raw food. It is more dangerous to humans. As with all raw foods, after handling jerky products, we recommend washing your hands thoroughly. We are working... Read more →