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4 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Gut Health

4 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Gut Health www.Health4UandPets.com

Do you trust your gut? If you don't you better listen to your gut instincts and what it's trying to tell you. I'm sure this has happened to you that you had a feeling deep down inside that you should make one decision, or avoid another. While we may be listening to our guts, are we really paying attention to our gut health? 

Your gut can tell you a lot more about your overall health than you may realize. Here are 4 reasons why you should pay attention because your gut health is so important:

  • Your Gut Plays a Key Role in Your Central Nervous System

When you think of the nervous system, what image comes to mind? Many people will say an image of the human brain. However, the gut is actually home to one of the most important elements of the entire nervous system — the Enteric Nervous System, or ENS. Because it contains more than 100 million nerve cells that communicate directly with the brain, the ENS is sometimes called the body's second brain. The ENS primarily works to aid digestion, and a gut that’s out of balance may not have the ability to maintain a strong ENS.

  • Your Gut Contains Bacteria that Controls Inflammation

Even though it may sound kind of gross, your gut is host to a wide variety of bacteria. We need good bacteria in the gut in order to improve digestive health and keep inflammation at bay. The good bacteria in the gut, is called your microbiome and protects the walls of the digestive system. When these walls are compromised, we can be at risk for a variety of short-term and long-term complications, including allergies, asthma or Alzheimer's. 

  • A Healthy Gut Results in a Happy Person

You know now that your gut routinely talks directly to your brain, but did you realize that your gut actually produces most of the serotonin that your body needs? You will find that your body produces more serotonin when you actively support your gut health. 

What is serotonin? It's the hormone that makes you feel happy. When your gut health is compromised, you may find that you feel more anxious or depressed than usual. Many people who include a probiotic supplement as part of their daily regimen find that they generally feel an improvement to their mood. 

  • Your Gut Controls Your Metabolism

Your gut needs to be in tip-top shape in order to properly digest the food that you eat. When you eat  healthy and exercise, both of which promote gut health, you will be able to have a better handle on your metabolism. You will find that you feel more nourished by the food that you eat, and that you have less cravings. People who support their gut health often feel more energized by their food, and they feel more capable of leading an active lifestyle. Remember, your metabolism is responsible for fluctuations in weight which means taking control of your metabolism and gut health can help you take control of your weight as well. 

4 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Gut Health -- www.Health4UandPets.com

One way to support positive bacteria in the gut is to take a daily probiotic supplement. The Life's Abundance probiotic has five beneficial strains. One of the strains has even been shown to support overall digestive health, including bowel habits. Further, the Life's Abundance probiotic included a strain that is native to humans, rather than cows like typical supplements. 

It can be tempting to ignore that gut feeling inside, but when you pay it some attention, you just may feel like the best possible version of yourself!

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