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4 Hacks To Keep Produce From Spoiling

4 Hacks To Keep Produce From Spoiling -

We all feel regret and guilt when we throw away food. 

What’s worse is throwing away nutritious, healthy fruits and vegetables! 

Oh, the humanity! 

There is a mass destruction of fruits and veggies, and it must be stopped!...

Okay, so throwing away good produce might not be as dramatic as that. But, we do have some hacks for keeping your beautiful F’s and V’s from going bad.

Hack 1

Hack 1: Karate CHOP!

So, maybe this hack has nothing to do with karate. (Sounded cool though, huh?)

It does, however, have to do with chopping. 

When you chop fruits and veggies, wait until right before you eat them. This will help preserve them and aid in retaining nutritional content.

Hack 2

Hack 2: Lemon juice

Did you know that lemon juice can prevent browning and rot?  It’s an awesome natural preservative! 

Why? The pH in lemon is acidic. This acid inactivates an enzyme in fruits in veggies called ‘polyphenol oxidase’. This prevents them from browning! 

Hack 3

Hack 3: Don’t keep all your produce in one basket

Just like we avoid keeping all of our “eggs in one basket”, we shouldn’t store all fruits and veggies in one basket.

Produce gives off a natural hormone called “ethylene.” This hormone causes ripening. 

Some fruits and veggies are high producers of ethylene. Others give off less and are more sensitive to it. 

Bananas emit a lot of ethylene, so keep them separate. 

When stored together, apples cause cherries and blueberries to go bad.

However, if you store apples with potatoes, then the potatoes will last longer than normal. 

Don’t store your potatoes with onions though. The onions will cause the potatoes to spoil and sprout quicker. 

It’s almost like the fruits & veggies are communicating with each other. Strange.


Hack 4: Never Waste Produce Again—Seriously

What is the best way to keep produce ‘fresh’? 

Ruvi, of course! 

Ruvi is made from freeze-dried fruits and veggies. 

This means that their flavor and nutrition are locked in. Whether you eat ‘em now, or 3 months from now.

With Ruvi, you never regret throwing food away or wasting money on fruits and veggies that spoil.

Best of all, it only takes a couple of minutes to get your daily fruits and veg. No washing, chopping, or prep. 

4 Hacks To Keep Produce From Spoiling

Ruvi gives you 4 servings of fruit and vegetables in every packet, plus loads of other reasons that will have you falling in love.

  1. Taste: “Fresh”, “Clean”, “Way better than I was expecting!” are a few common responses. Plus, without added sweeteners and flavors, you’ll get a real, fruit taste without that synthetic aftertaste that so many drinks leave you.

  2. No additives, preservatives, or fillers: None. No added sugars or flavors either. This is literally just freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Period. You’re exposed to enough icky stuff out there in this world of ours. Ruvi doesn’t need to be one of them.

  3. It’s EASY: Eliminate the prep work of fresh fruits and veg. Simply open the packet, dump the powder into a shaker bottle with water, shake, and drink. No fridge or blender needed. And, you can take it with you anywhere. You’re gonna love how easy this is!

  4. Whole fruit & veg plus all the fiber: Because we are freeze drying whole pieces of fruit and vegetables, you get the whole food, including all the fiber. Don’t be surprised by the full texture. We don’t juice away all of that good for your fiber like everyone else. Your digestive system will sing praises!

Shop for Ruvi Drink

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Enjoy your day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek


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