Allergy Relief

Winter is almost over and Spring is on its way in! Before you start the fun task of spring cleaning your home, you should first think about how your spring cleaning could affect your pet. Here are 7 simple spring cleaning tips for your pet’s health: 1. Household Cleaning Products Most people automatically associate spring cleaning with the use of household cleaning products. But before you take out that shining floor cleaner, be sure to read the label very carefully as you do not want to hurt your pet. Almost... Read more →

How To Survive Allergy Season Naturally

For many, this is a joyous reprieve from the cold and being stuck indoors – but for others, it means the beginning of allergy and hay fever season. The good news is that there are many things you can do to naturally ease symptoms, such as sneezing and uncomfortable, itchy eyes. First, identify your triggers. Tree, grass and weed pollens are the most common causes of eye, nose and throat irritation. Along with the daily weather, many sites can also help you keep an eye on allergen levels and pollen... Read more →