Bully Sticks

Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes but there are two things they have in common … they love to chew and they love meat! Now you can give your dog real chewing satisfaction that’s not only scrumptious but also all natural and completely healthy with our free-range, grass-fed buffalo chews. Buffalo Bully Sticks For Dogs: Pack of 4 - 9 inch sticks Made from free-range, grass-fed buffalo, these wholesome dog treats: Help reduce tartar and maintain canine dental health Supply a leaner alternative to beef Are suitable for... Read more →

We receive this question all the time - "Are bones safe for dogs?" Below find an article from the FDA and an article from DentalVets in the UK "Antler Dog Chews - an upsurge of fractured upper carnassial teeth." Next time you go to give your dog a bone or Antler Chew you might want to think twice. Being a safe consumer will save you a lot of money at the vet! Looking for safe alternatives to bones, antler chews and rawhides (can cause choking, throat irritations and potentially dangerous... Read more →