Cat Treats

Even though we act like it’s true, pets aren’t just like people. Ingesting empty-calorie snacks every once in a while can have a much greater impact on pets than humans, and not in a good way. Even feeding a diet of premium food may not offset the potential damage of ingesting “junk foods”, which often contain unsavory ingredients including artificial flavors and colors. In this particular health equation, it isn’t just a matter of subtraction (or taking away the bad stuff). Thanks to Dr. Jane’s wholesome recipes, you can actually... Read more →

Just in time for the holidays, Life's Abundance is now offering quality gifts at exceptional values. With toys, treats and more, our festive Holiday Gift Baskets make the perfect gifts for the furry pet kids on your list. Pet parents will be thrilled to receive your joyous gift, introducing the possibility of a healthier life for their dogs or for their cats. Be sure to review the detailed descriptions of these baskets for complete lists of their contents. And with our Gift Certificates, you can give personalized gifts redeemable for... Read more →

Obesity in cats is very common and can predispose your cat to diabetes, Hepatic Lipidosis and arthritis. Overweight cats are being seen more and more by veterinarians for various disorders. Weight loss foods don't usually work because the ingredients are inferior and substitutes like corn and wheat are used instead of protein, so your cat will be hungry and eat more. This page will help you determine what to do about overweight cats so that your kitty won't have to be encumbered by obesity. 40 percent of cats in the... Read more →

Our companion animals give us love all year long, and the holidays are a wonderful time for us to give back. Holiday Baskets are the perfect gifts for your pets and your pet friends. Holiday Gift Basket for Dogs This festive basket contains an entertaining plush toy and an assortment of our most popular treats, including: Wholesome Hearts (low-fat, heart-shaped sensations), Gourmet Dental Treats (honey peanut butter recipe), Antioxidant Health Bars (oatmeal and apple recipe), a bag of Tasty Rewards (savory chicken and venison jerky) and a Porky Puff (hickory-smoked... Read more →

100% Natural and Healthy Silly Kitty™ specializes in environmentally friendly, natural products for your pet. We purchase only the highest quality organic, locally grown catnip for our cat toys, and we dye our fabrics "in house" using non-toxic, reactive dyes and natural products like soda, salt and cold water rinsing to reduce our environmental impact. The Silly Kitty™ is an award winning, bio-degradable cat toy, made with Hemp and locally farmed, high potency organic cat nip. We use only the flowers and buds for our Silly Kitty™ no filler allowed!... Read more →

When it comes to treats, cats are frequently passed over by many pet food companies. At HealthyPetNet, we believe that your furry feline deserves the occasional reward of a tasty treat, just as much as do dogs. If you haven’t had the pleasure of giving your sweet kitty the nutritional delight of Life’s Abundance Gourmet Cat Treats for Healthy Skin and Coat, you won’t believe the level of feline joy these kibbles can evoke. Your cat’s mouth will water in anticipation of these tasty indulgences, which feature chicken, herring, flaxseed... Read more →

Peezle & Jopie anxiously awaited their new Plague Rat toy or as affectionately known by cats on Twitter as Plague Ratsie. They had heard about it and all the cats were raving about them and then, one day in the mail their wonderful Plague Rat toy arrived! What is a Plague Ratsie? A treat for your cat! Our Plague Rats are handmade by Sally Pointer from natural linen, wool and leather. Stuffed with her tried and tested blend of top quality catnip herb and coarsely chopped valerian root, your cat... Read more →

Recommended by veterinarians, dog-trainers and other dog-lovers all over the world, Supplies Just for Pets is making these incredibly popular Nina Ottosson Interactive toys available not only to the US, but Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Supplies Just for Pets announced today the availability of the very popular Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toys through their online pet supplies store for those in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toys are amazing learning toys for dogs or cats, which mentally stimulate your... Read more →