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Gut health has been building steam as a trending health topic as more and more research points to the importance of the microbiome. Micro - what? Microbiome is a fancy word for the trillions (yes, trillions!) of microbes that live in your gut, on your skin and elsewhere. Your gut health affects everything from your immune system, to your weight, to your brain function, so it’s really important to focus on what’s going on in your belly. Or shall I say what’s going INTO your belly. It may sound crazy... Read more →

You had me at Gluten Free but then said Vegan, Non-GMO, Dairy Free, Soy Free AND Tastes Great?!? Ok, this Plant Protein Powder is da Bomb! Seriously guys, you are going to love this. We use the Vanilla Plant Protein Powder every morning in our smoothie. It's smooooth and silky. I remember our old protein powder was chalky and never mixed well by spoon. In the morning we use our blender since we are adding frozen fruit to our smoothie. However, post workout, we would just add our protein powder... Read more →

Nothing says “the holidays are here” quite like a comforting cup of hot cocoa. One whiff of this rich, chocolaty recipe will fully engage your nostalgia reflexes, conjuring up happy days of yore. Even better, the following simple mix-stir-and-heat recipe features a healthy measure of Chocolate Protein Powder, our non-GMO, nutrient-rich blend of proteins from pea, chia, pumpkin, hemp and quinoa! What better way to shore up your joyful reserves and fuel your holiday shopping, planning and festive jubilations! As outlined, makes a single serving. Simply increase the fixings to... Read more →

Calling all CHOCOLATE LOVERS!! It's here!! Life's Abundance Chocolate Plant Protein!! The Vanilla is DELICIOUS and now we have chocolate! The Life's Abundance Chocolate Plant Protein has all of the same beneficial ingredients as the Vanilla plus cocoa and cacao, both of which are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Because of these additions, the Chocolate Flavor has slightly higher protein and calorie content over Vanilla, at 15 grams of protein and 120 calories a serving. The Chocolate Plant Protein is silky smooth, satisfying and yummy! 100% plant based 15 g... Read more →

Looking For Probiotics That Are Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Grain Free, Dairy And Soy Free? Here You Go!

Non-GMO Dairy Free Gluten Free Vegan Soy Free Grain Free No Sugar Added No Artificial Colors No Preservatives Kosher and Halal Certified Room Temperature Stable Order Life's Abundance Probiotics Today! Providing your body with a regular source of “friendly” bacteria is important. There was a time when you could get healthy bacteria through foods but today most foods are so overly processed and pasteurized that the healthy bacteria aren’t alive by the time you ingest them. That’s why a daily probiotic is so valuable. There’s an ecosystem of bacteria (known... Read more →

We've been distributors with Life's Abundance since 2003 sharing our healthy, natural, never recalled dog and cat foods, treats, supplements and pet care products. Up until recently, we've had one supplement for people...our Omega 3 Fish Oil in both liquid and capsules. It is ultra-concentrated with 2 to 3 times as much health promoting EPA and DHA as competing brands. If you are currently taking a fish oil supplement, we encourage you to check out Life's Abundance fish oil and compare Life's Abundance fish oil to your brand as not... Read more →

Americans are deficient in minerals. In fact, way back in 1936, the Department of Agriculture told congress that 99% of the population was deficient. Regrettably, there are many more recent studies confirming varying amounts of mineral deficiencies in our diet, mainly due to their depletion in our soil. We need minerals! Vitamins cannot work properly without them and they are absolutely vital to maintain our mental and physical well being. Since the body cannot manufacture minerals, they must come from our diet. Life’s Abundance Minerals & Antioxidants drink mix is... Read more →

Hundreds Of Gluten Free Snacks, Cookies, Bars, Cereal, Protein Powder And More

Gluten-Free Products Rediscover your favorite foods and snacks without suffering the digestive discomfort gluten can cause you. We're proud to carry a wide range of gluten-free products ranging from vitamins to snacks to help you live your life to the fullest. Gluten-Free Products Shop by: Category Gluten-Free Snacks (58) The tastes and textures you remember can now be yours again with our diverse line of gluten-free snacks. Enjoy crunching and munching without digestive distress. Life is good! Gluten-Free Bars (66) Don't let the temptation of vending machine snacks ruin your... Read more →