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Loving parents of a beloved dog, wheaten terrier, share the following touching story of Sheldon overcoming canine kidney disease and spending two more quality years together; incase you need some encouragement when the Vet only gives your four-legged friends only a few weeks to live… “Sheldon came into our lives on August 17, 2003. Everyone knew Sheldon. He was such a loving little boy and was just happy to be loved by our whole family. Sheldon always had a sensitive stomach and was on a strict diet of prescription dog... Read more →

Summer makes us think about getting outdoors with our pets and this is a good thing for both human and animals. For most of us our pets live indoors. Many are cooped up inside with bathroom privileges only for most of the day. For many active dogs, this is the equivalent to prison. It is no wonder we have so many dogs with anxiety and boredom problems like destructive chewing and constant barking. Most of these problems could be solved simply by increasing exercise! Exercise is a mental stress reliever... Read more →

Obie The Cats Amazing Recovery With SPARK Nutritional Supplement

I believe Spark, Pet Wellbeing’s nutritional supplement has truly made a new cat out of Obie, and I recommend it to everyone. Testimonial from Obie's mom I found Obie, when I visited a rescuer to adopt a special needs kitty I had seen online, and she had many other cats looking for homes. A smelly, older-looking black cat was very affectionate when I visited, so I decided to take him home along with the other one. I figured I would feed him a high-quality diet, and the smell might disappear.... Read more →

A heart-warming customer story, especially if your pet is also going through urinary tract infection and cat kidney disease. “Our Sassy was one of five kittens born in our bedroom over 16 years ago, an unexpected and delightful addition to our family. All but Sassy and her brother Tiger were placed with other willing “parents” and when Tiger met an untimely death due to a raccoon that took him down, it was just our Sassy that kept her place in our home and hearts for the years to come. It... Read more →

Cancer is the #1 Disease-Related Killer of Cats If you’ve received this devastating news, read on for the thoughts of our resident vet. Let’s not underestimate the power of timely natural support to help with feline cancer! Here’s a customer story: Almost three years ago, we got a phone call from our vet. Happy had a maximum of two weeks left to live, with stomach and intestine cancer. Happy, is our oldest 10-year-old cat. Luckily, I know Pet Wellbeing, which is a great, reliable company so I’ve ordered LIFE GOLD.... Read more →

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What a wonderful testimonial! Glad to hear Gunner is doing so well. Pam, a resident of British Columbia, noticed that Gunner, her 10-year old Blue Heeler started drinking more water, developed a voracious appetite, and urinated at night while he was sleeping. At first, Pam thought that the dog was suffering from a bladder infection or a kidney disease. After numerous blood tests, X-rays, and an ultrasound, Pam learned in July 2014 that Gunner had Cushing’s disease. Pam was devastated. Coping with Cushing’s disease At first, Gunner’s mom followed the... Read more →

Ella could not see or hear very well, and she was not feeling good. Her bones were creaky, and she just did not have the energy to be a dog any more. After all she was a 14-year old lab, and aging was taking its toll. Doug felt sad that Ella did not want to go out on the long walks they used to take in the countryside together in Vancouver, British Columbia. He wanted his best companion back! Ella’s dad came across Spark, and gave it a try. After... Read more →

Just like us, our pets have many different kinds of allergies—seasonal allergies, food allergies and contact allergies. These different types of allergies have different clinical signs and different treatments. With warmer weather approaching, veterinarians expect the arrival of pet seasonal allergies. At this time of year, everything is flowering filling the air with pollen. We often end up treating pet allergies the way we treat ourselves. Prescription and over-the-counter medications are widely available, but they do nothing to help overall health and come with a host of side effects. Allergies... Read more →

Happy + Healthy Pets With Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease or renal failure is extremely common in older cats and dogs. In fact, it is not uncommon for most cats and some dogs over the age of 12 to suffer from some form of kidney disease. While routine blood and urine tests can help diagnose kidney disease, unfortunately, by the time our pets show clinical signs, the kidney is already damaged. Cats and Dogs with kidney disease often times feel ill, lethargic, and may become anorexic. Vomiting and seizures can also result. There is help! Our Kidney Support... Read more →

Echinacea-Goldenseal – Enjoy A Healthier Winter!

For superb immune support and protection this winter, try Echinacea-Goldenseal formula - great for the whole family! Along with its two namesake herbs, Echinacea-Goldenseal formula contains Red Root, Myrrh, Licorice, Oregon Grape, Wild Indigo, and Yerba Mansa root for complete and comprehensive immune support. Goldenseal root is known as “King of the Mucous Membranes” because of its effectiveness in combating infections involving the respiratory and digestive tracts. It contains the powerful natural antibiotics berberine and hydrastine, two extremely bitter alkaloids which have a notable antibacterial action. Echinacea is a familiar... Read more →

‘Tis the Season for Tasty Treats… and Herbs for Your Liver!

If you’re like many of us, you may find yourself nibbling on the shortbread a wee bit much, or sipping a little too much eggnog over the holidays… These goodies sure taste great, but all that extra sugar, fat, and alcohol can put an even bigger load than usual upon our hardworking liver. What can you do to give your liver a holiday, too? Herbs such as Milk Thistle, Licorice, Turmeric, Dandelion and Burdock are excellent choices for helping the liver in its major role of detoxification. They support the... Read more →

The Flu Vaccine: Allopathic vs. Natural

Which works best for you? The subject of flu vaccination has caused its fair share of debate in recent years. Should one use conventional means to support the immune system, or look to nature to provide protection? We look at the potential risks of allopathic flu vaccination and investigate the advantages of the natural approach… Every year winter brings along with it a variety of influenza viruses that are constantly changing – stopping our body from building up a natural defense against it. In the United States, there has been... Read more →

Bloating and Water Retention

When women reach a certain age, they begin to go through menopause. This is when the body has reached the end of fertility. For the majority, menopause begins around age 50, but for some, it may start earlier. Menopause begins with a reduction in the production of hormones estrogen and progesterone. This reduction causes many symptoms including: hot flashes, flushes and/or cold flashes, night sweats, mood swings, thinning hair, irregular periods, and vaginal dryness. In response to these symptoms, many woman start taking estrogen replacement medication. A common side effect... Read more →

Dealing With Chronic Insomnia

Insomnia can be a debilitating disorder. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute says that insomnia makes it hard to fall asleep, stay asleep, or both.1 According to the Harvard Medical School, there are three types of insomnia: transient, which lasts less than a month; short-term, which lasts 1-6 months; and chronic, which lasts longer than 6 months.2 The Mayo Clinic says the causes of insomnia can include stress, a mental health disorder, changing work shifts, travel, age, or female hormones.3 The Harvard Medical Center comes to much the same... Read more →

Time Outdoors Helps Settle ADD/ADHD Children

With summer vacation in full swing, many families are still planning last-minute getaways or making final preparations for well-awaited vacations. However, for parents with a child that has ADD/ADHD, there are some recently discovered considerations to factor into travel itineraries. Studies conducted at the Landscape and Human Health Laboratory at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign by Frances Kuo, Ph.D., suggest that ADD/ADHD children show less hyperactivity and distractibility when in natural surroundings. Whether planning a vacation around a natural setting or incorporating greenery into everyday activities, exposure to nature has... Read more →

Summer camp is often a win-win for families. It’s a treasured, invaluable experience for children and a welcome temporary reprieve from parental responsibilities for adults. With camps available for all interests, ages, and activity levels, more and more kids are signing up. The American Camp Association reports that more than 11 million children attend summer camp each year.1 However, for children sensitive or allergic to certain foods, summer camp could also be a disaster without a little advance planning. According to the Mayo Clinic, eight foods are responsible for approximately... Read more →

Many dieters often turn to sugar substitutes when trying to lose weight, often switching to sugar-free diet sodas and chewing gum to avoid snacking and eating more calorie-laden foods. However, aspartame is found in many of these products, and can cause many undesirable side effects, and is involved in 75% of reported complaints received by the Adverse Reaction Monitoring System (ARMS) of the US Food and Drug Administration. Reported health risks FDA health complaints resulting from aspartame include abdominal pain, hives, migraines, and dizziness. Aspartame poisoning, while rare, is often... Read more →

Scientists Say Ginkgo May Improve Memory Functions

New research shows that the herb, ginkgo biloba, may improve human performance on tasks requiring short-term memory. These findings are detailed in a study from Australian and British scientists. The study participants were given a ginkgo extract for fourteen days and showed improvements in memory-related functions, according to the results. These functions included working memory and specific brain electrical activity, say R.B. Silberstein and five other scientists in the published study. Silberstein and colleagues add that the nineteen healthy men who consumed ginkgo biloba tablets showed greater memory task accuracy... Read more →

How Natural Is Your Diet? It May Be Linked to Chronic Pain

Does your kitchen contain more processed foods like sugar-laden sweets and salty chips than fresh, natural fruits, veggies, and whole grains? According to a New York Times report, Americans purchase 787 pounds of processed food versus 602 pounds of fresh food annually. If you suffer from chronic pain, a poor diet may be partially to blame. New studies show worsened symptoms for certain conditions, including fibromyalgia, migraines, and arthritis, for participants who consumed a high amount of artificial flavorings, sweeteners, and other food additives. In addition, processed foods offer much... Read more →

How To Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Allergic rhinitis is the set of symptoms that occurs when you breathe in substances you are allergic to. These substances are called allergens and are small proteins. Seasonal allergy (sometimes called hay fever) occurs during times of the year when allergens are in the air, like spring, summer and fall. The most common allergens are tree, grass or weed pollens. Perennial or persistent allergic rhinitis is caused by allergens that may be present year-round. These may include chemicals, dust, dust mites, cockroaches, animal dander or mold spores. Causes..... An allergic... Read more →

10 Tips For Stress Management

Before embarking on a stress management system – you need to identify what stresses you! A good indication is thinking of stressful situations – sometimes just the word ‘heavy traffic’ can stress you and cause physical symptoms – perhaps your pulse quickens and you feel ‘bothered’. You may also keep a journal, and when you feel stressed – take note of your situation and surroundings. 1. Breathe! A deep breath can help your mind in a very specific way, increasing oxygen to the brain and helping you to relax. It... Read more →

Do Certain Foods Influence Those With ADHD?

As ADHD is a controversial issue, the possible role that certain foods play in influencing the various symptoms of ADHD (and related behavior) is also a hotbed of discussion. A number of diets have been suggested for children with symptoms of attention deficit disorder or ADHD. Various studies have reported behavioral improvement with diets that restrict possible allergens in the diet. As a parent or caregiver, you may want to discuss specific food plans with a health care professional, homeopath or naturopath and look at implementing an elimination diet of... Read more →

Men’s Health: Common Issues and Natural Remedies

When it comes to their health, men tend to be more inclined than women to push aside health issues and hope that things will “take care of themselves”. Further, while they may strive to maintain physical health, men may be less likely to manage emotional and mental well-being. Whether these behaviors are self-induced or subconscious due to societal pressures to be “tough” and “masculine”, health should not be a gender-based issue! Ignoring a nagging health condition or allowing a problem to go undiagnosed can lead to further complications. Especially for... Read more →

Does Your Living Situation Whittle or Widen Your Waistline?

by A. Grano An article recently came out by Judith J. Wurtman, PhD, who made a statement that living alone may actually be detrimental to weight loss efforts, despite the popular notion that single dwellers would have an easier time controlling their diets. Pitfalls of Solo Eating The reasons why? The article suggested that people who live alone may be more likely to fall under one of three types: ‘emotional eaters’, who eat due to loneliness; ‘boredom eaters’, who nosh quickly through meals then snack throughout the evening because they... Read more →

Dangers of Chantix Revealed - When Quitting Smoking Becomes Deadly

Many smokers seeking a cessation solution probably thought they had found a safe, fool-proof method with Pfizer’s introduction of Chantix, which targets the nicotine receptors in the brain. However, reported dangerous side effects of Chantix have recently surfaced, causing so much controversy that the FAA banned pilots and air traffic controllers from taking it after concluding a series of investigative reports. Chantix warnings include the possibility of experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviors, seizures, loss of consciousness, hallucinations, as well as vivid nightmares and sleepwalking episodes. Others reported becoming addicted to... Read more →

How Time Outside Can Help Ease ADD/ADHD

Modern living has created a new paradox- as we gain more virtual connectivity, we're significantly losing real-time connections. A national study from the Kaiser Family Foundation cited that the average American 8 to 18-year-old spends seven and a half hours a day using a smart phone, computer, television, or other electronic gadget. Too Much Technology? It doesn't seem surprising that reports of ADD/ADHD are continually on the rise, with children spending less time than ever getting physical exercise, a means of naturally expending energy. Almost half of elementary schools have... Read more →

5 Foods To Add To Your Diet This Allergy Season

Allergies seem more prevalent then ever, and you can thank pollution for exacerbating certain allergy symptoms even more. Add to that the side effects of most allergy medicines such as drowsiness, and spring can quickly turn sour for many allergy sufferers. The good news is that there are certain things you can do to naturally help ease and even prevent troubling symptoms such as wheezing and other respiratory difficulties. The importance of diet Maybe you are aware of some of the foods such as dairy that can increase histamine levels... Read more →

Want Health, Happiness & a Longer Life?

To boost happiness and health, get out there and socialize! Humans are social creatures and need a variety of social connections. Fulfilling personal and professional relationships have a huge impact on our emotional and physical health. Studies have shown that those who make time to regularly engage in social activities live longer, healthier lives. Triple Complex Mood Tonic™ is taken internally to support normal serotonin levels, and is safe for all ages, as well as during pregnancy and nursing. Floss once a day. Something as simple as flossing has a... Read more →

Signs That You Have Hemorrhoids & What Causes Them

General Hemorrhoids Symptoms Hemorrhoids are abnormally swollen veins in the rectum and anus. They are similar to varicose veins you might see on a person's legs. When bulging hemorrhoid veins are irritated, they cause surrounding membranes to swell, burn or itch. This can become very painful, and bleeding may even occur. Hemorrhoids are caused by too much pressure in the rectum, forcing blood to stretch and bulge the walls of the veins, sometimes rupturing them. There are two types of hemorrhoids (external and internal) and the symptoms for both are... Read more →

Whether you’re traveling or staying home, you’ll likely be exposed to a plethora of different pathogens this holiday season. While many people are cognizant of their own healthy hygiene and self-care habits such as washing their hands, chances are, there are plenty of people who don’t share the same concern for their health (or yours). In addition, there are often places where you have little control over your exposure to germs such as planes or offices, or unlikely spots in your home or hotel room that you may not consider... Read more →

Save 20% On Native Remedies & Pet Alive Natural Remedies

Native Remedies and Pet Alive offer a wide range of 100% natural, safe and effective remedies for every aspect of your health. Browse our natural and herbal remedies to view the full range of products. To redeem the coupon, in the shopping cart simply enter the appropriate coupon code (no spaces) in the Coupon Code box at bottom of page, click the green APPLY button, and your discount will be applied to your order. Remember to take care of your health with this coupon for 20% off ANY order placed... Read more →

New reports show that maintaining a healthy weight, breast feeding, exercising regularly, and limiting consumption of alcoholic beverages can reduce the risk of breast cancer, according to an updated version of the American Institute for Cancer Research/World Cancer Research Fund's (AICR/WCRF) report. Based on these conclusions, the AICR recommends the following for reducing the risk for breast cancer: Reduce body fat. Because there is a proven link between excess body fat and cancer; the goal is to be as lean as possible within the normal range of body weight (BMI).... Read more →

The misery caused by colds and flu Don't you wish there was a sure-fire cure for colds and flu? Aren't you tired of wasting money on expensive drug store medications that simply don't work? Well, we can't promise that Cold & Flu Essentials will prevent you from ever catching cold again. But we can promise that it is the most effective preventative and treatment we've ever encountered. The natural, effective treatment for colds and flu Our naturopathic doctor - one of the best in the business - painstakingly researched natural... Read more →

When considering what foods to include in (or omit from) your diet, low fat and low sugar aren’t the only things to consider. Nutritional needs also vary depending on your gender. With the amount of research and studies available, experts have been able to determine that certain conditions are more prevalent in either men or women. It makes sense then to help our bodies by building up an arsenal of defense in the form of vitamins and minerals that can help ward off disease. Foods Recommended for Optimal Health in... Read more →

Homeopathic Remedies For Prostate Enlargement

Homoeopathy is often dismissed by those who refuse to believe that a remedy diluted so extensively can treat or cure a disease. The contention of protagonists of homeopathy, however, is that if an infinitesimally small reduction (in proportion to the fluids present in the body) of essential minerals can cause a disease, the same can also cure it. However, the best evidence of the efficacy of homeopathy can be provided by those who have benefited from it. Homeopathic remedies are prescribed after obtaining a deep insight into the overall personality... Read more →

Neo Healar hemorrhoid treatment cream is all you ever need. Developed using advanced scientific medical research and traditional herbal knowledge, Neo Healar is effective for mild hemorrhoids symptoms, internal & external hemorrhoids, bleeding and thrombosed hemorrhoids and even for anal fissures where surgery was thought to be inevitable. To fully appreciate how Neo Healar works, you need to firstly understand what happens when hemorrhoids occur. When you suffer from hemorrhoids, your rectal veins become bulged, dilated and at times, inflamed. (That's why you can feel a lump and experience pain... Read more →

Did you ever stop to think about the quality of indoor air that you and your family spend your days in? What if the air meant to provide the body with much needed oxygen was actually “toxic”? Read on to find out more about this scary new phenomenon. Unfortunately, quantity and convenience have replaced quality and safety in many areas of our lives -- including our foods, toiletries, cleaners and even our homes. That alone leaves us vulnerable and exposed to toxic materials at work, school, and at home. News... Read more →

You clean out your closet, right? And your refrigerator? What about your body? If you struggle with fatigue, obesity, respiratory problems, or even a sluggish digestive system you should think about "cleaning out your body" too! Read on to find out how a simple detox plan can give you back your health and vitality! Do you want to live a long and healthy life? If you do then it is vital that you start to take care of your body in ways you may not have thought of before. We... Read more →

What Are Hemorrhoids and What Are the Symptom of Hemorrhoids? What is the Right Diet to Help?

Don't suffer in silence anymore! And don't be embarrassed about it! Hemorrhoids are very common. It is estimated that more than 11 million Americans have hemorrhoids and 3.3 million of them seek medical treatment for hemorrhoids each year! Don't make the mistakes of assuming that hemorrhoids will go away without any treatment. In fact, hemorrhoids never go away if left untreated. It merely subsides temporarily. If conditions worsen, hemorrhoids sufferers can develop serious anal fissures that can only be treated with painful and expensive surgery. Hemorrhoids are abnormally swollen veins... Read more →

Restless leg syndrome is a condition in which your legs experience an unpleasant sensation causing an irresistible urge to move them - often during sleep or when trying to fall asleep or when at rest, either lying or sitting down. By moving the legs, the uncomfortable sensation eases and goes away temporarily. Restless leg syndrome may also occur in the arms. This condition can disrupt sleep routines, most frequently during the evening or early part of the night, making it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. Usually when symptoms... Read more →

Natural & Organic Flea Shampoo - Get Rid of Dog Fleas!

Are Fleas and Ticks an issue this Spring? Help eliminate them the Natural Way with Botanical Dog's Products! Free Shipping on orders over $39 Dog Fleas - The helpful hints that can help treat your pet You can stop flea problems without using pesticides. Fleas have been called "the bane of every dog and cat owner." If you feel that way, here are some common sense ways of getting flea problems under control: Wash your pet's bedding regularly. It's a common place for flea eggs to develop and hatch. Flea... Read more →