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There's a new Class Action Lawsuit against Diamond Pet Food’s Taste of the Wild. The class action lawsuit is for negligent misrepresentation, false advertising, and breach of warranty. Read the entire class action lawsuit here. Are you curious about other dog and cat foods that have class action lawsuits against them? Click here for the list. Read more →

Cancer Drug For Dogs (Paccal Vet-CA1 ) No Longer Conditionally Approved

February 9, 2017, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is giving notice that the agency is withdrawing the conditional approval for Paccal Vet-CA1 (paclitaxel for injection) at the request of the drug’s manufacturer, Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB. Paccal Vet-CA1 was intended to treat certain mammary and squamous cell carcinomas in dogs that have not received previous chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The conditional approval for Paccal Vet-CA1 is no longer in effect as of February 8, 2017. Paccal Vet-CA1 is now an unapproved animal drug with no legal marketing status and... Read more →

For the second consecutive year, Bella and Max were the most popular pet names in America for dogs and cats, according to Nationwide, a provider of pet health insurance. This marks the fifth consecutive year that Bella has led the way as the most popular pet name in America for both dogs and cats. Did your dog or cat make either list? The Top Dog and Cat Names for 2016 - Dogs Cats 1. Bella 1. Bella 2. Max 2. Max 3. Lucy 3. Oliver 4. Bailey 4. Luna 5.... Read more →